Provider of IPv6 and 6lowpan for IOE

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We create IOE with 6lowpan over LoRa, 802.15.4 and BLE.


We build and deploy LoRa, 802.15.4 and BLE routing hardware and end devices. The mission of the company is to connect everything utilizing 6lowpan/IPv6. Our solutions integrate with Microsoft Azure IOT Suite and IBM Watson.

Vision is striving to to solve the connectivity problems of the IoT world. We provide seamless connectivity across protocols for Digital Healthcare, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture, among others.


Combining low power radio technology and open source software stack


We use Lora to deploy low-powered wide-area networks - Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Smart Transportation, Asset Tracking (LPWAN)


The solution for low-datarate wireless networks in the personal space - Homes, Offices, Buildings, Factories (WPAN)


The wireless protocol for close proximity and body area networking. We build Digital Healthcare and Digital Sports solutions on top of it. (BAN)


IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Area Networks.

The Team

Ilyan _Ilf_ Stoyanov


Anatoliy Atanasov

Product & Strategy

Dinko Tzanev

Logistics & Operations

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